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An accountability coach is a person who will create clarity, reduce overwhelm and make you focused and prioritized. They should hold your feet to the fire to get things done, meet your deadlines and achieve the goals you set yourself. A good accountability coach should double your productivity. Weight Loss accountability coaching is extremely effective and always works as a separate category (with different specialist providers) from Productivity focused accountability coaching.



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  • Entrepreneurs looking for top shelf / best-in-class solution
  • Anyone looking to outsource their battle for focus & productivity
  • Anyone looking to hire pro accountability into "their team"
  • Scientific methodology, ultra-experienced coaches, founder is world's top expert
  • Dedicated, 1-to-1 highly trained accountability coach pros
  • Multiple points of contact each week (phone, email, text/SMS)
  • Strategic to-do list and "deep work calendar" built for you (concierge style)
  • Cutting edge multi-feature productivity software (perfect addition to any system)
  • Huge member-only webinar resource archive + monthly live masterclasses
  • Locations: US & International

30 Day Full Refund Guarantee


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  • Women looking to lose weight and feel more comfortable in their skin
  • If you're looking for support with a major weight problem
  • Prefer flexible and non restrictive eating plans
  • Looking for a long term change
  • Wanting to improve their relationship with their self and food
  • 1:1 Accountability Email Check Ins with dedicated weight loss coach
  • Weekly Group Call for Support and Mindset Work
  • Amazing community of women
  • Mindset: change yourself from the inside out
  • Individual nutrition recommendations, based on your likes and lifestyle
  • Locations: International

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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  • Those looking to lose weight and get fit with daily accountability
  • Prefer flexible meal and exercise plans
  • Looking to change their relationship with food
  • Everyone: No application process is required
  • Daily reporting and tracking through mobile or web app
  • Daily personalized feedback from your own expert coach
  • 24/7 text and email support + Crisis calls
  • Meals: Custom. Based on individual’s preferences
  • Maintenance: Free lifetime maintenance
  • Locations: US & International

30 Day Full Refund Guarantee


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  • Those looking to lose weight and get fit with daily accountability
  • Prefer following a prescribed meal plan
  • Willing to exercise 60 min day / 7 days a week
  • Some People: Must submit an application
  • Daily reporting via text message
  • Meals: Vegan, Dairy free
  • Maintenance: $110 for 4/weeks
  • Locations: US & Canada

No refund policy


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  • Executives and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone looking to learn time management skills
  • Anyone looking to plan better
  • Solo operator (work directly with the only coach)
  • Learn new approaches to planning and productivity
  • Flexible approach can be tailored for your needs
  • Free consultation sales call to start

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Learn from 100+ Verified Reviews:

I have a been a Commit Action member since 2014.

Since then I have built a software business and a very successful property letting business. My calls with my coach help me to focus on the most important things to get done to grow my business and reach my goals.
We set those three goals for the week and then, together, schedule each tasks on my calendar to treat as a work appointment with myself. My coach also checks in by email and SMS throughout to week the keep me on track and to motivate me to execute on a high level. Commit Action has been a game changer in my overall productivity since day one.

- Tsen Wharten

I lost 50 pounds in 5 months.

My life was so hard – I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, gave up on study, I gave up on everything because the level of self hate and feeling unworthy of anything was completely taking over my life. I can’t describe how much of a difference doing this Program has made to my life. I also lost 50 pounds.

- Bethany

I lost 52 pounds in 5 months.

“I realized I needed someone to team up with, not a workout partner, not a trainer – but someone to truly CARE if I succeeded, made it to the gym, and stayed on track with my diet. I don’t have to worry about dieting any more. Because of MyBodyTutor this is the last program I’ll ever do.”

- Janice

Accountability is everything.

“Accountability is everything. No more “I’ll start Monday diets”. Simply nourishing your body to give it the fuel it needs to look and feel and function at its absolute best.”

- Kristin B

I am confident that these new habits

I am confident that these new habits will serve me in every area of my life. I wish I could have worked with him years ago!

- Jennifer S

How to Choose the Best Accountability Coach for Your Needs

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, lifestyle designer or creative… you have realized that there is a reason you aren’t reaching your full potential. For experienced and smart entrepreneurs, it’s never tactics or ideas that are missing. Not reaching potential is always due to a lack of execution.

You know there are things that you want to do and things that you should be doing but you simply aren’t getting them done. You need accountability if you’re slower finishing your projects, executing on an idea, growing your business, or reaching a personal goal than you know in your bones you’re capable of.

There are a wide variety of services that can add some level of accountability. Whether you are looking for a boost in productivity, the motivation to finally execute on those growth projects, or want to meet a more personal goal (working out, writing, etc.), there is a service out there for you.

What to look for:

1. Frequency – how often will you speak to your coach? Once week is the norm but additional check ins do offer an immense value add on. Email and/or text check ins/reminders will layer in even more accountability to your effort to stay on track.

2. Additional features  – Does the service offer additional tools to help you reach your goals? These can be in the form of an accompanying app and/or webinars, planning programs, tutorials, etc. What other value does the service provide?

3. Scheduling – an important, often overlooked feature – does the service hold you accountable to WHEN you will be getting something done? Do they offer calendar/scheduling support?

4.  Quality of Service –  Look for a service that is evidence based and/or science backed. Is it a simple “phone-a-friend” service or empirically driven where the coach provides a service that is rooted in science/evidence based methodology. 

Making a decision…

Step 1 – Define which services your needs and what is most important to you. Narrowing down your precise needs and objectives will make the choice easier.

Step 2. Establish a budget: what is finally executing on your goals worth to you? Think through your potential for ROI – will a boost in accountability push you to produce financial growth? If so, premium and professional accountability coaching could pay for itself many times over. In addition, it may even be a tax write off for you which makes a premium service even more of a no brainer. 

Step 3. Evaluate key aspects of accountability coaching service: Additional features, methodology, customer service, satisfaction guarantee, terms, cost, and security. With this information accounted for, you will be able to differentiate between accountability services.

Step 4. Read Accountability Coaching Reviews: finally and maybe most importantly, what kind of reviews does the service have? Does it give you confidence that you will be a good fit and be provided with what you need?

Step 5. Look for genuine testimonials: Video testimonials, especially user-created ones are a sure sign of a phenomenal service. The more organic and “self made” they feel, the more confident you can be in the accountability coaching service.